Practitioner Pearls

Happy "Now" Year

There is no time in the Universe. There is no beginning and no end, only Right Time for Right Action which is always taking place in the Mind of God. There is only the infinite Divine Present guiding within and throughout all right now. January 1 is only a date on a calendar. A new year starts with any  new beginning in my life experience. I resolve that I take within me this magnificent Essence and allow it to reveal itself in perfect order in all that I commit myself to do and be. I give thanks that I am Divinely guided through all of my commitments and projects, big or small, short or long term. I give thanks that I can choose wisely in confidence and clarity.  As I release this into the Law, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in the Now.

And so it is.

Holly Wilson, RScP


Affirmative Prayer for Vibrant Health

There is a life force that weaves through all, all the universe, all the earth and it’s beauty and through every  human being.  This energy, this vibrancy is ever present in and through all, it is the foundation for all that is and is yet to be. We are all made of this. At our core, at our essence, we are this energy, this life force.  Feel it now, know that this is Thuth, feel it, know that this is reality.  Our bodies are made from fine threads of universal energy that know how to vibrate with life- giving force, know how to work in harmony, already know vibrant health. The smallest structures of the cells, the DNA and atoms, are infused with innate knowing and heal the body with precision and love.  As we care for ourselves and our body, we remove all obstacles in our mind to perfect healing and vibrant health. We let go of false beliefs that our body does not know how to live fully, wholly, in harmony. We are meant for a full and healthy life. We are created out of love and through love we live. Our bodies are a manifestation of that love. Knowing this is already done, this is already the truth, I speak my word for perfect healing and full and vibrant health for all. I release my words and thoughts with deep love and gratitude for the gift of life.

And so it is!

Zola Ferguson, RScP

Affirmative Prayer for Prosperity

God, Spirit, One Mind is all there is, in and of all life known and unknown. The Universal Mind is the Infinite Source of all abundance, prosperity, success and more, in form, thought and expression.  It is the animating Force that energizes all Life.  Infinite Wisdom and Intelligence and Prosperity are aspects of the Oneness.
As God is, I Am a unique, creative expression in form. I remember all aspects of myself are the Oneness of Spirit.  I open to that which is already present in It's fullness and completeness now. As I accept and widen my horizon of trust and faith I identify with the limitless support of the Universe.  As I synchronize my consciousness with The Truth I accept and receive boundless and infinite prosperity in all things.  I experience abundance and success in all areas of my life.  I align my consciousness with Prosperity and recognize its presence in every event and situation of my Life as it unfolds perfectly.  Prosperity is the reflection of my Truth and connectedness.

It is with renewed excitement and joy that I give great thanksgiving for all the prosperity that is unfolding and being revealed to me.  My heart is filled with gratitude for the Oneness of the infinite prosperity of my Life.  I release this and accept it is already known and completed in the Mind of God.  With faith and trust I know it returns to me expanded and transformed in greater, more magnificent expressions than ever imagined.  With a deep feeling of completeness and joy I let it go.

And so It is.

Kate Sievers, RScP


Affirmative Prayer for Relationships

God, the Infinite and Absolute Power, is the Source of all harmony and perfection. It is the Divine Presence that exists everywhere. It is in and through all things. This includes me. I am never separated and am continuously one with this Power.

What I see, know and acknowledge is God being me. And as me, this Presence knows only loving, peaceful and supportive relationships in my life, right now. Everything is harmonious. Spirit goes before me, making my way smooth and safe, and I am always on the right path. Everything I see, hear and do is bringing more and more Peace into my life. I am loved and supported by the right and perfect people wherever I go.  Any and all relationships are, in Truth, the relationship I have with the indwelling God. I now declare the Truth about me.  It is Perfect Love, Perfect Peace, Perfect Harmonious Relationships with all.

I am grateful beyond measure. I know my life unfolds through my choice for harmony, love, peace and joy. With profound gratitude,

I release my words into the Law, and I know my words are already acted upon by the Power of God. I know the activity of God is Perfection in my world.

So I let go and let God.

And so it is.

Leah Davis, RScP